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  • «Sauver un animal ne changera pas le monde. Mais pour cet animal, le monde changera pour toujours.» 
 PrésidentAssociation "Petit Mouton noir" (Voir Rubrique )
  • «Sauver un animal ne changera pas le monde. Mais pour cet animal, le monde changera pour toujours.» PrésidentAssociation "Petit Mouton noir" (Voir Rubrique ) https://www.facebook.com/labrajack



8 mai 2013 3 08 /05 /mai /2013 14:04


Serbia asked for its entrance to the EU, we thus ask her to enforce her own laws before aspiring to the respect for the European laws.

Not long ago, one of our volunteers returned of a stay in Serbia.

Very devoted to the animal cause, it had left proposing its services in a Serbian refuge.

He was pleasantly surprised by the welcome which was made for him and the conditions in which the animals of the refuge lived.

Spent some time, the contacts making more numerous, the tongues loosened and the testimonies arrived more and more numerous.


Full pound before the massacre of 438 dogs

The staff of this Serbian pound seems to devote to the corruption, to the torture, to the euthanasia of mass, to the ill-treatment and the negligence, to see in misappropriation of the funds which are assigned to her (current investigation), taking advantage shamelessly of European associative networks to sell at a high price the animals of which they are given custody.

The dead animals are not collected by the knackery but are stored in freezers then thrown in the containers of municipal trash cans.

According to certain testimonies, other pounds would practice the operations of sterilization on the floor in box soiled by animals.


Piled up dogs

We were able to combine a number of oppressive documents proving that the animals of this pound are sold to international networks to finish in dog fights, in laboratories or to be sold as pets.

Since our passage, the facades of this pound are placarded by ban signs to photograph inside premises.

The Republic of Serbia thus has, according to statements, one of the best laws for the protection and the propertyto be animals (See footer).

Only, provinces allow to set up laws which contradict the laws common to the Republic and thus to legalize the animal ill-treatment.


Dog and her young brought out of this pound.

Extract of the filing of complaints deposited by the association Beta against the pound of Pozéga:
" The association for the care of animals, "BETA" of Zajecar, lodged a penal complaint against the PUC, the Relevant "Our House" (municipal pound) of Pozega. The deposited complaint concerns Mrs S.P ., director of this pound, the veterinary person in charge of the site Mr M.N. as well as the other veterinarians officiating priests in this pound. This one euthanized more than 438 dogs between May 1st, 2011 and June 20th, 2012.
This pound made the injections of toxic matter T61 in the body of dogs without preliminary and compulsory sedation, contrary to statutory provisions on the animal protection.

A lot of animals were submitted to a sterilization without anesthesia or adequate surgical equipment. Very often, these dogs are not daily fed and only some "fortunate" arrange of one shelter "suitable".
Starved, dehydrated or suffering of blood-poisoning, many dogs died. "


Puppy devouring his brother

The Beta association suggests investigating to establish circumstances and facts characterizing these breaches, to inspect the installations and the official documentation, as well as to listen to the testimonies of the employees.
Furthermore, cases of rabies ( declared themselves within this pound and were not indicated to the sanitary authorities.

The original link, has just been censored.



Dog suffering from malnutrition and from démodécie saved by volunteers.


Sterilized 3-month-old dog

Rescue of 1.4 kg Bebana poodle upon her arrival at the volunteers.



File pictures complete (attention difficult images):



Sterilization made by the pound without care operating comment

Serbia asked for its entrance to the EU, we thus ask her to enforce her own laws before aspiring to the respect for the European laws.


The pound of Pozega after the massacre

Serbian law on the animal protection (extract)


Article 1

This law regulates the animal protection, the rights, the obligations and the responsibilities of persons and institutions or entrepreneurs for well of animals, treatment of animals and animal protection against ill-treatment, in the protection of the well-being of animals in expectation of slaughter, the breeding, the trade, the transport, the slaughter and the realization of experiments on animals, as well as other important questions for the animal well-being.

Article 2

Animal well-being, regulated by the present law, applies to the animals which can feel the pain, the suffering, the fear and the stress, and in particular:

1) Animals used in purposes of production

2) Animals used to fine scientists, biomedical and of the education

3) Animals used for exhibitions, events, entertainments and other forms of communication to the public

4) Animals for the work and official animal

5) Pets

6) Animals found on the public highway

7) Wild animals in captivity.

In spite of the paragraph 1 of this article, animal well-being, which is regulated by the present law does not apply to wild animals in the natural housing environments among which the protection, the hunting, the use and the elimination are regulated in different laws.

Article 3

The public bodies, the scientific organizations, the educational establishments, the veterinary, the farming, the health, the information, the culture and the other institutions and the organizations and the moral and physical persons, and the entrepreneurs, who exercise activities and connected to animals, have to supply, manage and encourage the raising sensitization of the importance of the animal well-being.

The persons aimed at the paragraph 1 of this article, local authorities, the citizens and the bodies have to take care of the life and the protection of the health and the well-being of animals and to cooperate, to coordinate and to harmonize the adoption and the execution of the decisions regarding animal well-being.

It is of the duty of every citizen of the Republic of Serbia to warn and to make report to the Ministry in charge of the veterinary (below: the ministry) or the ministry in charge of internal affairs, all the forms of violence and threats in their life, the health and the animal well-being.

The Republic of Serbia cooperates in the field of the animal well-being with other countries and international organizations.

At the end of current translation.

Video about the treatment of the dogs in Pozega


More information about Pozega







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